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Back to school means back to not paying attention.

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I don't have a scanner but my computer has a camera. I do what I can.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey bro.

I know you're sad because I'm not updating my blog. It isn't dead. I just moved to Montana for college and I don't have a scanner yet, or even my own computer. I'm in my dorm's computer lab right now and it's kinda sketchy, this kid always comes in and scratches his legs really hard, it sounds painful. This other guy's nose always whistles. So I'm working on getting a computer and scanner, but it probably wont be for another month.
I tried to get some pictures up from my trip to New York and Yellowstone, but it is impossible to find a place in Bozeman that will put film on a disk for a reasonable price. Then I tried putting up pictures from my digital camera, but the computers wont recognise my memory card! So maybe don't expect anything on here until after October 11th.

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One time I decided to draw all the US presidents. This is how far I got.

Monday, May 30, 2011


My grandpa taught me and my sister how to scrimshaw today. He is an expert and used to sell his work to the maritime museum in Astoria. 
Pretty much all you do is use something sharp to scratch an image into a piece of buffed ivory, blot some ink over it, and wipe the ink off.
Here is mine (blurry because it's curved and I scanned it!) followed by some pictures off google images.

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